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“I highly recommend Mel for her expertise in marketing, branding, communication strategy, and social media prowess. She is responsive, flexible, adaptable, understanding, engaging, and provided our senior leadership team with insights that were profound and impactful from the onset. We built a thorough structure for taking our raw data and turning it into well-communicated brand messaging and provided us a clear direction within our market.”

President, Premier Risk Solutions


“Working with Mel is a refreshing experience. It’s like participating in a think-tank rather than an echo-chamber while she keeps us accountable to our goals. She approached what we needed very objectively, provided insightful recommendations that we needed to hear, not just what we wanted to hear. Our organization was struggling with inconsistency in how we were communicating our mission to our market. We continue to receive high praise from our board of directors and a very resourceful set of tools to help everyone communicate effectively with stakeholders, donors, and our market. ”

Executive Director, Green Beret Foundation


“Most Impressive Brand Strategist Ever. Mel is the real deal. She is one of the most impressive brand strategists that I have ever met. Let me explain why. A veteran in her industry with a keen eye and an insightful ability to help focus on the values and benefits of the people and the brands associated with them. A professional who is also incredibly personable, fun and genuine. I’m glad to be working with Mel and would recommend her without hesitation.”

Founder, and CEO, XTRAcredits

  • Omicle®

    “Your work is extraordinary. We went through a complete rebrand that is actually working! We’ve had nothing but praise from the community and our donors about the changes we’ve made and the direction we’re going. Your work not only helped us get to where we are and it’s working in the market, we hoped it would work in. It’s spot on. After the rebrand, we were able to raise in three months what the organization previously raised in three years. We have a successful path forward. ”

    Interim Executive Director

  • Omicle®

    “Enthusiasm. Energy. Attitude. Mel delivered a knockout talk. Although her session was one of the last ones on the agenda, it was standing room only, and throngs of people were turned away. She could have easily filled up space twice or three times as large as the one she had. I left wanting to know more from her, and I know you will too!”

    The Ethics Guy

  • Omicle®

    “Unmatched Talent. Mel’s talent is unmatched. I rebuilt my entire program to better produce tangible outcomes for my clients. We rebuilt everything from the philosophy, brand, to my website. Mel is a true professional, intuitive and thoughtful. I highly recommend her.”

    Principle Consultant, Accelerate Your Results


Meet Melanie Asher, MBA

"You have a rare talent. You're the visionary for visionaries and yet you're grounded and can actually make it happen."

I partner with businesses to revolutionize their brand presence both online and offline. My passion lies in reshaping the way B2B brands connect with their target audiences while implementing streamlined marketing strategies that empower brands for rapid expansion.

Clients often describe my approach as daring, adaptable, enjoyable, and captivating. Together, we've achieved remarkable accolades such as "Best Place to Work" and "Most Innovative," earning national recognition through our collaborative efforts.

My forte lies in the intricate fusion of art and science, encompassing brand positioning, category design, and digital transformation. Whether it's through my comprehensive audits, Fractional CMO services, or dynamic  presentations, I'm committed to guiding organizations in the pursuit of operational strategies that drive brand excellence, elevate marketing effectiveness, and propel revenue expansion.


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